Family Business Mediator Video No 22: Differences Needs, Wants & Interests Video By Jon Kenfield.

Video 22. Differences: Needs, Wants & Interests | Perspectives & Behaviours | Respect & Rewards.

  • Arguments and conflicts come from lack of: Shared Visions, Plans, Goals & Commitments.
  • Shared Visions Goals, Strategies & Plans are aspirational focal points that start with built consensus & are sustained by continuing effort & performance.
  • Lack of … leaves people to invent their own expectations, realities, & stories – encouraging leaders to create their own paths, while followers get confused.
  • Solution: take time & make effort to build, adopt & implement shared plans.

Engage family members and key staff in the process. Use it to:

  • Encourage regular communication, meetings & problem solving. Increase communication & negotiation skills.
  • Increase respect as everybody has clearer expectations and assigned roles.
  • Build trust through observable reliability & performance.
  • Focus on larger goals whenever confusion, demotivation or conflict arise.
  • Share & increase personal and group resilience.

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