Training and Development

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” – Buddhist proverb (maybe!)

Training and Development

Ambitious, high quality staff take their careers seriously.  These guys demand good technical and personal development training.  Well-crafted and progressive training programs are one of the best places to identify superstars amongst the next generation of managers and leaders.

Smaller firms struggle to provide enough of the right sort of training to attract and retain great staff.  They usually need to be strategic and collaborative with similar friendly firms to make things work.

Most businesses, especially professional practices, focus heavily on technical training.  In our experience, tailored personal development programs that cover human skills, including coaching and mentoring for managers who aspire to be leaders, is at least as important.

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Training Programs

We provide on-demand, in-house training and workshops in the following areas, with a major focus on developing human skills:

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (3 hours)
  • Effective Communication (3 hours)
  • Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring in a Professional Environment (3 hours / full day)
  • Personality Profiling and Communication Styles (full day)
  • Negotiation (full day)
  • Facilitation (3 hours)
  • Introduction to Conflict Management (3 hours)
  • Trusted Adviser (3 hours / full day)
  • Building Trust in High Performing Teams (full day)
  • Understanding and Advising Family Business (full day)
  • Leadership Development (3 hours / full day)
  • Succession Planning (3 hours)

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Coaching & Mentoring

There are many different, and sometimes interchangeable, definitions around for these two activities.  We do more mentoring than coaching:

  • Coaching involves teaching skills and encouraging their use (like football coaching). We focus on teaching the human skills listed above.
  • Mentoring is about helping mentees to reflect on their activities, achievements, challenges, successes and failures – to draw learnings from them. This involves sharing experience and providing the wisdom that helps to build self-confidence and self-awareness.

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Leadership Development

There are few things more important to, and indicative of the strength of a business, than its attitude towards developing its next generation of leaders (and managers).  Key aids are: a proper development plan, with appropriate review processes and measurement criteria;  on the job training;  peer support and plenty of constructive feedback; and internal and external mentoring.

We can provide training, coaching and mentoring support, and assist with external performance reviews and program development.

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Upcoming Courses

Currently, all of our courses and programs are independently commissioned by individual practices, or groups of practices.

If you’re interested in any of our courses, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Booking Forms

The registration and payment form for the above courses is currently under construction. Please contact us to express interest in a course and discuss your needs.

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