Significant Advice Network (“SAN”)

Vision: To be known as a world class group of collaborative advisers providing Significant Advice to Rugged Individuals, Successful Families, and Family Enterprises.

What is Significant Advice?

Significant Advice produces significant results – preferencing the sharing of empathic wisdom and guidance over the delivery of technical solutions.

It changes scope, enriches effectiveness, and increases financial returns on effort for senior advisers – by leveraging their deep knowledge, experience, and skills through access to the broad capabilities of a network of complementary, “best of breed” professionals.

Who are Significant Clients?

Rugged Individuals are successful entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners who need personalised help from wise mentors and “professional friends”, on any challenges they can’t overcome by themselves, or using family, friends, staff, or conventional advisers.

Successful Families have sufficient assets and financial interests to justify obtaining Significant Advice.  Their aims include preserving family harmony and ensuring smooth succession processes – to enhance personal happiness and protect their legacy.

Family Enterprises are actively involved in leading and managing operating businesses and managing financial investments.  Their core existence is often complicated by the convergence of family needs and relationships with business interests and influences.

Collectively, they’re all “Significant Clients”.

Who and What are Significant Advisers?

Significant Advisers act as personal Mentors, Supporters, and Guides (“Sounding Boards”), and as Family and Business Advisory Boards (with single or multiple members).

Some Significant Advisers focus solely on the provision of Significant Advice as Sounding Boards, Family Boards, or Advisory Boards.  Others provide a mix of Significant and technical advice, depending on specific client needs and formal engagement parameters.

What is the Significant Advice Network (“SAN”)?

SAN is a collaborative network of Significant Advisers, drawn from a broad span of professions, ranging from psychologists, strategists, and mediators, to accountants, lawyers, financial and estate planners, and wealth managers.

Participation in SAN reflects knowledge, experience, training, competencies, and commitment to the Principles and Practices for Providing Significant Advice <read more>.

Members join a national network of local “cells”, currently being established in major cities across Australia.  Each cell is limited to around 20 members, with its own local Facilitator – ensuring high levels of engagement, personal attention, professional trust, and access to whatever support members need, however and whenever they need it.

SAN Activities, Facilities, and Resources

  • Initial face-to-face program – introduction to Significant Advice and SAN (2 days).
  • Annual National Conference (2 days).
  • Monthly local network meetings (face-to-face and virtual) – alternate networking and training agendas.
  • Open access to the monthly meetings of other cells around Australia.
  • Access to “The GAF” podcast (Great Advisory Frameworks) – online education.
  • Personal development programs, coaching, and support by local Facilitators, Scott Fitzpatrick (founder), and SAN’s Master Advisers (Jon Kenfield and Paul Crane).
  • Engagement support: targeting strategies, proposal preparation, pitch preparation, engagement documentation, project management, engagement reviews, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery.
  • Downloadable resources: proven programs, methodologies, templates, and other documents to facilitate and support provision of most forms of Significant Advice.
  • Personal Profile – individual web entry on SAN and associated websites, including Family Business Institute (Australia) (“FBI”).
  • Referrals and collaborations through SAN members.

Why SAN ?

  • Enables experienced advisers to plan, direct, and control the next phase in their career – to secure whatever style and level of intensity, complexity, and reward they wish for – over the next five years, and beyond.
  • Membership increases financial and personal returns by helping advisers secure more satisfying, longer-term, sustainable engagements – based on deeper personal relationships, mature and relaxed contact processes, and reduced technical pressures.
  • Supports and promotes practice expansion, client acquisition, and the delivery of Significant Advice by members through exclusive access to thought leaders, personal and professional skills development, and membership of a collaborative professional network.
  • SAN is a premium offering, designed by Scott Fitzpatrick – founder of the Fitzpatrick Private Wealth and Fitzpatrick Family Office organisations. It shares many fundamental design, purpose, and practice concepts with Family Business Institute (Australia), and the Solutionist Group – making us natural partners.
  • Adviser numbers are strictly limited to ensure quality, integrity, active participation, trustworthiness, relevance, reliability, and value.
  • No other body will work so hard, or so effectively, to help Significant Advisers provide Significant Advice, to Significant Clients.

Investment (excluding personal travel and accommodation costs) +GST

  • $2,000.00 – Introductory Program.
  • $1,500.00 pm (x 12 months) – Initial Membership Subscription (no lock-in contract). Includes: Annual Conference; access to resources, coaching and other support, and monthly meetings.

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