Your Needs

“You know what you want; we discover what you need

Your needs define your issues and problems and the services we deliver in response. So every assignment starts with a careful assessment of your real needs, which may not be at all the same as your wants.

Our diagnostic process goes deep and often identifies underlying needs and causes that weren’t obvious, or were being avoided, or denied. It’s only after we’re both satisfied we understand your real needs that we propose a tailored process to deal with them as constructively and cost-effectively as possible.

Who are you and can we help?

Either:  you’re a real person, family, business or organisation with serious issues, problems, challenges or conflicts AND you have a genuine desire to resolve them as constructively as possible. This makes you our sort of folk.

Or:  you’re primarily fighting for strategic or tactical reasons, and want to win, rather than resolve your differences. Frankly, you’d be better off going to an aggressive lawyer – we know plenty, if you need some names?

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