Business Family Alignment – the Family Plan

Throughout the Western world, less than 5% of all family businesses survive the third generation curse:  “from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations”.  The 5% that do make it through often proceed for many generations – in clear evidence that they’ve worked out and applied something really important to their family about sustainability […]

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Difficult Family Conversations – 10 Key Issues

Security: physical, emotional and financial, sit at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.  Situations that challenge your sense of personal security are therefore likely to create feelings of insecurity and discomfort, which is why many of us are reluctant to initiate conversations likely to start, or to become, difficult. The expectation that a […]

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Successful Successions in Family Business

Business Succession involves the transfer of Ownership, Leadership, Management and (sometimes) Employment, from one generation to another. The succeeding generation can be within the family, or not.  The objective is to transition the business from one generation to the next, so it can survive and be renewed.  Family Succession is another thing entirely, although the […]

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Family Conflict and Mediation – looking for “Uncle Bob”

Conflict (noun) = a form of protracted discord between individuals or groups. Conflict (verb) =  to clash emotionally, intellectually, materially or physically. Conflict is a form of energy that can be focussed, or unfocussed, on its inbound and outbound course.   Active families constantly generate relationship conflict through their interactions.  Active businesses constantly engage in competitive […]

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