Family Business Mediator Video No 19: Family Systems & Skills – Respect & Trust. By Jon Kenfield.

Common Causes of Family Conflict & How to Deal with Them.

Video 19. Family Systems & Skills – Respect & Trust.

  • Families & family businesses tend to believe that their “familyness” automatically confers high levels of honesty, integrity, respect & trust, where sometimes the very opposite is in play: very low levels mutual trust due to the perception of lack of personal respect and/or reliability in the performance of promises, especially those given privately that relate into the business.
  • The family business curse refers to the damage that business relations can inflict on family groups when decisions are made in & about the business that adversely impact family members, family as a whole, or part of the family.
  • Solution: develop a family plan with clearly allocated roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Use the planning process to reconnect family members to commence the rebuilding of respect, which is stepping stone toward rebuilding trust.

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