Family Business Mediator Video No 17: Family Systems & Skills – Problem Solving. By Jon Kenfield.

Common Causes of Family Conflict & How to Deal with Them.

Video 17. Family Systems & Skills – Problem Solving.

  • Some families are naturally collaborative and engaging, others rely on key decision-makers to make some or all decisions. In the first case the family will develop systems and processes for solving problems. In the second case, the family may develop high dependency on individuals to the detriment of skill development amongst the majority.
  • Lack of engagement of other family members in problem-solving is a significant cause of difficulty in succession planning.
  • Solution: Run programs teaching problem-solving to members of the family group using real issues as subject matter.
  • Engage family members in problem-solving discussions within the family (philanthropy, investment, family policies etc.).
  • Engage appropriate family members in problem solving discussions within the business.

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