Do “fossilised” owner/parents threaten the survival of their own family businesses?

      An increasing number of family business owners are now past their best decision-making days. With many over 70 years of age they are fossilising on the job, risking the survival of their businesses and families, and the jobs and families of the employees who depend on them. This is not a criticism […]

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Governance and the Role of Non-Executive Director

Essentially the non-executive director’s role is to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing objective criticism. they: “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct.” There is no legal distinction between executive and non- executive directors. As a consequence, non-executive […]

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Governance Functions and Boards for Family Businesses

Governance Corporate governance refers to the structures, strategies, principles, policies and processes by which businesses, and the senior executives thereof are led, managed, supervised, measured and controlled. Governance style defines the attitude, culture and integrity of an organisation.  It therefore forms a major component of risk management. In many family business environments, executives involved in […]

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Family Business Best Practice – A Magic Toolbox?

What is Family Business “Best Practice”? One of the primary goals of any family business adviser is to increase the effectiveness and success of Australian families in business – helping them attain greater peace and prosperity. Such an outcome suggests that a family has achieved a level of excellence, or “best practice”, but here’s the […]

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The Family Business “Magic Pudding”

How to achieve peace and prosperity in your family business …  in your lifetime! Situation:         The Family-in-Business – an energy-laden and explosive mix of passion and potential, capable of doing both wonderful things and woeful things. Challenges:     Every Family-in-Business faces some or all of the following challenges: Balance – individual, family and business needs and […]

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12 Simple Secrets of Family-in-Business Success

When we look at family businesses around the world that have proactively maintained and enhanced their collective business interests over many generations, we find that they have usually employed a number of consistent strategies.  I call these their “12 simple secrets for success”. Note that these measures apply to families that have worked hard to […]

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9 Golden Rules for Preventing Conflict in a Family Business

Conflict = Family Tragedy Newspapers and magazines revel in a constant diet of spectacular family disasters.  The wealthier the family, and/or the greater their celebrity status, the better. Neither the riches of Croesus, nor the paid wisdom of their enormously expensive advisers, seem able to stop these families from spiralling towards meltdown.  Trashing the family’s […]

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7 Reasons why every Business Family needs a Family Office

Leading a successful business is hard; keeping a family happy is harder; doing both at the same time is a challenge fit for heroes, especially when several generations are involved. A modern Family Office is a facility, or collection of resources, that highly pro-active families establish to directly support their members, and to indirectly support […]

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The 7 Key Elements of Organisational Success

Organisations that achieve long term, sustainable success invariably have:      “a harmonious workplace AND a strong organisation.”  Their high trust cultures encourage everyone to help everyone to do a  great job – so the organisation’s goals are consistently achieved. Such cultures are the holy grails of every genuine leader and, just like the grail legend, the […]

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